Madden Ultimate Team Cards

Redesign of Maddens flagship card based game.

  • Date:2015
  • Design, Research, Branding

EA wanted to capture some of the love and production of HearthStone with their Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) cards. They weren't excited with the proposed card art that was already designed for 2016. I asked to take a crack at it and they happily let me. This was also the first season of the Draft Champions mode that would heavily rely on MUT.


I was told to look up Hearthstone cards, art, packs, and pack openings. Of course, Blizzard, which is an amazing video game company, has a history of amazing production value. My goal would be to try and capture the fun and eye candy aspect and turn it into Madden Ultimate Team Items.

Moving Fast

From here I quickly got it into Illustrator to decide where everything will live.

Mock Ups

I tinkered quite a bit with the different tiers since this would tie in with the rarity, pack openings, and animations etc. Unfortunately, I don't have any in-between stages of this.